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Love TV Sales & Service - Since 1950

Love TV has a wide selection of electronics products and repair services. You'll see quality HDTV's, surround sound systems, LCD and Plasma TVs featured in our showroom. Custom and comprehensive installation is standard for all deliveries. You'll be enjoying your new electronics faster than you could have imagined. And remember, you won't be left on your own. Free lifetime technical support is included with every item purchased so you'll always get the most enjoyment possible.

We provide St. Louis and St. Charles, factory authorized TV repair service in your home or in our service center. Hook-ups, wiring, setup and technical support services are also available for any of your electronics products.

We have the solution to all your accessory needs as well, such as beautiful furniture, wall mounting brackets and Master Remotes. Make your life easier and reduce your remote control collection to one Master Remote that does it all.

Want to save money by getting your HDTV free? Love TV has the solution. We have only the best DTV antennas, antenna mounts and experienced installation service for St. Louis digital TV channels. The antennas and other components we sell have been tested and proven to provide the best performance of consistent long term reception of St. Louis TV stations.

Looking for replacement LCD and DLP lamps? We have the exact original manufacturer LCD and DLP lamps for Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi, LG, JVC, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi and RCA.

You'll find Love TV now has area rugs made by Shaw to accent your decor and reduce annoying echoes in 'live' rooms so your home theater system sounds its best. They are of the finest quality and made in the USA.

Additional products include master remote controls, cables, whole house audio, indoor and outdoor speakers, subwoofers, sound bars, satellite systems, power protection, modulators, A/V selectors and much more.

Come see why customer's who buy from us once, buy from us again.

Since 1950

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